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ALCES Landscape & Land-Use Ltd. is a unique collaboration of planners, environmental scientists, industry specialists, ecologists, computer simulation programmers, and management consultants who share a deep commitment to assisting clients with developing strategic plans for triple bottom line - people, planet and profit.

We are a world leader in the delivery of land-use cumulative effects modelling tools, strategic land-use planning advice, and the provision of practical strategies to assist government, business, and society. We help our clients make balanced, informed decisions that achieve environments in which we and our grandchildren can thrive.

Land-Use Planning Services

The ALCES Group provides customized land-use planning services that include: stakeholder facilitation, project management, data analyses, report preparation, and written and oral planning presentations. Our delivered services range in scope from comprehensive, start-to-finish support on projects requiring a full suite of land-use planning services, to focussed contributions meeting specific requirements on collaborative projects.

Product Spotlight

ALCES Simulators

Landscape and landuse simulators for tracking the overlapping landuses and natural disturbance regimes of terrestrial and aquatic landscapes. The ALCES simulators run fast and report on a full complement of economic,
ecological and social indicators.

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ALCES Integrator
ALCES Municipality
ALCES Wildlife Manager

ALCES Mapper

ALCES Mapper is a companion mapping application for the ALCES model. As an ArcGIS® extension, ALCES Mapper generates maps illustrating the plausible location and extent of future land-use features and landscape types based on ALCES outputs and user-defined parameters.

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ALCES Mapper



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