Comprehensive data for balanced decision making

ALCES Online provides integrated access to hundreds of data layers for an unmatched breadth of environmental, social and economic information. This eliminates the time-consuming process of data assembly—meaning you can get to work faster. The process of integrating data layers to inform decision making is aided by a toolkit with powerful and efficient analysis capabilities.


Population, Housing, Income, Ethnicity, Education, Health, Age


Mine Ore, Fishing, Forest Fiber, Tourism, Crops, Livestock, Oil and Gas

Physical Properties

Climate, Soils, Minerals, Oil and Gas Deposits, Slope, Aspect, Elevation, Precipitation, Temperature, Landscape and Footprint Composition

Natural Capital

Water Supply, Groundwater, Air Quality, Wildlife, Natural Plants, Water Quality, Forests and Forest Age


Revenue, Flow-On, GDP, Royalities, Employment, Infrastructure Costs, Supply Chain