ALCES Integrator

 ALCES Integrator was the first simulator built by the ALCES Group and remains the core and most commonly deployed model in the ALCES Toolkit. This spatially stratified simulator is customized for tracking the overlapping landuses and natural disturbance regimes of large regional landscapes (100,000 ha to 100 million ha). The major landuses tracked in Integrator include forestry, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, residential, transportation, tourism, and recreation. The major natural disturbance regimes tracked in Integrator include fire, meteorology, climate change, insect outbreaks, storm events, avalanches, erosion, and gap dynamics of plant communities.

Integrator runs fast (generally 50 seconds for a 100 year simulation) and reports out on a full complement of economic, ecological, and social indicators. To be most efficiently deployed, licensees of Integrator are encouraged to bring together disciplinarians of each of the major landuses and natural disturbance regimes to populate the model. Our experience at ALCES indicates that Integrator attributed for a large regional model can be populated and report out on indicators within 3-5 months.

Integrator is accompanied by the ALCES Data Input Sheet (Microsoft Excel) to expedite the entry of major assumptions for landuse and natural disturbance regimes.

If desired by the client, simulation data can be readily exported from Integrator and imported into ALCES Mapper for the spatially explicit mapping of ecological, landscape, and economic indicators for each scenario. Read more about Mapper here .


Integrator is available for purchase from the ALCES Group for $15,000 on a license basis described in writing in a license agreement. Licensees may use their original license for as long as they wish, but optional simulator updates are available on an annual basis for a cost of $5,000. All updates available within a year of the original Integrator purchase are free.

What does a Site License of Integrator Provide?

A site license to Integrator provides a single seat for the client.  For companies who possess multiple offices in different cities, a separate site license is required for each. It is acceptable to have Integrator running on multiple machines within a single geographic office. Each license allows the user to simulate and save multiple landscape study areas.

To run Integrator, the user must obtain a licensed copy of Stella (Research Version 9.13 or later)

Please contact us for licensing inquiries.


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